[2.25 GB]Family and slight justice [01-04 of 04] (2021) WEBRIP-AVC from Files-X

Family and slight justice [01-04 of 04] (2021) WEBRIP-AVC from Files-X

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Serial information
Original title: Family and a little justice
Year of release: 2021
Genre: Melodrama
Director: Peter Stepin
Cast: Zoryana Marchenko, Roman Polyansky, Vladimir Terzkov, Andrei Klimenkov, Sergey Money, Angelica Girich, Fedor Gurinets, Sergey Diakalik, Valentin Kurasyak, Alexander Rudo, Alexander Gannochenko, Vyacheslav Gindin
On the series: Famous journalist Marina Nikolaev At the funeral of the Star Father-General, he learns the truth to which it was not ready – it was drawn. All around, including the groom Marina, Artem, say that she has become a victim of a ridiculous draw. But Marina was not used to relying on speculation – decides, in order to find out the truth about his true origin. Arriving at the address from the note with the fatal news, Marina turns out to be at the crime scene – a man who has discovered the truth, shot to the emphasis. Marina is arrested, now she is the only suspect, and the investigator leading this thing, a long-time familiar Marina, which she pretty spoil life. Belonging to the general of the general makes his business and Marina are quickly released. And the investigator of the top, experienced and not by the years a smart man, penetrating the history of Marina, is accepted to help her step by step to sees to the answer to her main question – \”Who is she, and what happened to her real family?\”
Country : Ukraine
Studio: FilmStream Film Company, \”Vileton Films\”, by order of the Ukraine TV channel
Duration: 4 x ~ 00:43: 54 File
codec: H.264
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, ~ 1600 kbps, 1024×576, 25 frame / s
Audio: AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps
Language: Russian
Subtitres : No

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