[12.73 GB] Nevsky [01×01-26, 28 out of 30] (2021) Web-Dlrip from Files-X

 Nevsky [01x01-26, 28 out of 30] (2021) Web-Dlrip from Files-X

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Film information
Original title: Trump place ( Nevsky)
Released: 2021
Genre: Detective
Director: Nikolai Pelikhov
Cast: Artem Poznyak, Mark Drobot, Nikita Vakulak, Alexey Nenkurko, Yana Klympnik, Alexander Triyachenko, Yuri Yakovlev-Sukhanov, Andrei Tverdak, Polina Frolova, Milos Luchanko, Vadim Lyalko, Alexander Ageenkov, Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Valery Saligassa, Konstantin Michno, Anastasia Oleksandruk, Yulia Shugar, Roman Voronin, Anna Lebedeva, Sergey Pozdnyakov, Andrei Makracchenko, Vladimir Votnoyak, Vladimir Volk, Roman Korzhuk, Vadim Diaz, Stepan Kucher
About the film: \”Trump place\” – This is the Ukrainian adaptation of the detective series \”Nevsky\”. Drunk fights, domestic crimes, theft and hooliganism are everyday life of Sergei Koval Police Captain, which serves in a sleeping and one of the \”most difficult\” districts of the city. The criminal life of the streets forces Koval to be sharp and uncompromising in work and guided by the rule \”first act, then think.\” The captain of Sergei Koval police from the sleeping and one of the most \”complex\” areas of the city is transferred to the \”trump spot\” – to the elite district department where it is profitable and prestigious. But an honest and uncompromising operator who got used to the tough criminal life of the streets, not like local order – it is worth being cunning, it is unquestioned to fulfill the orders of the leadership and play according to his rules …
Country: Ukraine Studio:
1 + 1 PRODUCTION Duration:
27 x 00:44:00 Translation:
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Quality: Web-Dlrip
Video: XVID, ~ 1609 Kbps, 720×400, 25 Frame / C
Sound: AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps

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