[12.05 GB] Money Heist / La Casa de Papel [S05] (2021) Web-DL 720p | Pythagoras

 Money Heist / La Casa de Papel [S05] (2021) Web-DL 720p | Pythagoras

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Film Information
Title : Paper House
Original title : Money Heist / La Casa de Papel
Year of release : 2021
Genre : Action, thriller, crime, detective
Director : Hesus Kolmenhar, Alex Rodrigo, Alejandro Bassano Cast
: Alvaro Morta, Ursula Corbero, Alba Flores, Paco Touse, Pedro Alonso, Josta Iituno, Miguel Errran, Heima Laurent, Esther Asbo, Enrique Arce About the film:
: NetFlix It is considered to be considered a giant of Striming, and today among online service projects can be found serials from different parts of the planet. One of his hits Netflix bosses, not foreseen, found in Spain. \”Paper House\” – a criminal drama created by Alex Pina and unexpectedly for many who has become a world phenomenon. Dynamic, emotional, with the famously swirling plot – this is not a complete list of advantages of the show, which many consider a masterpiece of modern television. The story of Robin Gudov in masks was given and automatically delayed from the first episode, and the gallery of colorful heroes, positive and negative, worthy of a whole benefit on how to prescribe characters. Alex Pinea managed to create a new type of serial drug. One day, having acquainted with the \”paper house\” and its inhabitants, you can no longer abandon the next portion of adrenaline, which is produced every time the plan of the professor is under threat. Probably, every self-respecting robber dreamed of doing the largest crime in History of mankind. No exception and mysterious person on nicknamed Professor (Alvaro Make). I look at a modest teaching teacher of a bad physique, a point, but the mind of criminal genius is hidden for unassuming appearance. Most of the childhood, the professor spent in hospitals, and he found the consolation in the stories of his father. In the eyes of the boy, the scenes of robbery came to life, and here are adults, he decided to realize his own brilliant plan. His goal is the Royal Mint of Spain, which can rightfully be called an impregnable fortress for strangers. His team is a gathering of criminals who are ready to risk their own lives. The price of error is great, but also a prize in case of victory is huge. They should be lined in the mint for the maximum long time to print banknotes for two more than a billion euros. The state, according to Professor, will not impoverish, because this money will not fall in the pockets of the rich, but in the real economy. However, the police and government officials think otherwise: they collect the team of high-class professionals who are ready to work for days with one goal – to beat the professor in his cunning chess game. The question is not only who will win, but also in how many pawns are ready to sacrifice each of the parties …

: Spain Studio
: Vancouver Media Duration
: 10 x ~ 00:49:00 Translation
: Professional (dubbed) Pythagoras on request NetFlix File
: H264 Quality
: Web-DL 720p Video
: MPEG-4 AVC, 1280 x 720 (16: 9), 24.000 FPS, ~ 1750 Kbps Audio 1
: Russian: 48 KHz, E-AC3 JOC, 3/2 (L, C, R, L, R) + LFE CH, ~ 768 KBPS AVG | Dubbing, Pythagoras by order NetFlix | Audio 2
: Spanish: 48 KHz, E-AC3 JOC, 3 / 2 (L, C, R, L, R) + LFE CH, ~ 768 KBPS AVG Subtitles
: Russian (Forced, Full), English (Forced, SDH), Spanish (Forced, SDH) Advertising
: None

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