[106.23 GB] Babylon 5 [S04] (1996) Web-DL 1080p | P | Tvshows

 Babylon 5 [S04] (1996) Web-DL 1080p | P | Tvshows

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Title: Babylon 5
Original title: Babylon 5
Released: 1996
Genre: Fantasy, Cosmooper, Action, Adventure
Directors: Kevin Kremin, Mike Skier, David J. Egil
Cast: Bruce Boxligentner , Claudia Christian, World Furlan, Jerry Doyle, Peter Juryasik, Richard Biggs
About the film:
It was the dawn of the third era of humanity. Challenged ten years after the war of the Earth with Minbar. The Babylon project has become the embodiment of our dreams. His goal is to prevent a new war with the help of a place where people and aliens could peacefully solve their disputes. In the house, he became a house for diplomats, adventurers, businessmen and wanderers. People and aliens in the shell of two and a half million tons of rotating metal, alone in the darkness of the cosmos. It is sometimes not safe here, but this is our last hope for peace. This is the story of the last station of the Babylon series. Time actions: 2259 year. Schedule: \”Babylon 5\”.
P.S. Warner Bros. I released a completely renovated version of the science fiction series \”Babylon-5\”.
Film studio worked on a project for six years and transferred all seasons of the show in HD. To improve the quality of \”Babylon-5\”, Warner Bros specialists. Scanned the original film in 4K, and the material obtained was transferred to HD. Restorers also saved the film from defects like scratches and improved the color correction in the series. WB changed both scenes with special effects and computer graphics – their quality with digital scaling also brought to HD. The aspect ratio of the image in the series was left original – 4: 3.

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