[13 MB]Anti-virus utility AVZ 5.55 [COMSS] (2021) PC

Anti-virus utility AVZ 5.55 [COMSS] (2021) PC

Size:13 MB

Program version : 5.55 (unofficial)
Official site : link https://www.comss.ru/page.php?id\u003d877[1123[1123]
interface language : Russian, English
Treatment : Not required
System requirements :
Description :
AVZ – A free quickly operating antivirus utility. Includes AVZ AVZ and Additional Avzguard / AVZPM / BootCleaner utilities.
Main destination – Detection and deletion of Spyware and Adware modules, as well as Dialer (Trojan.dialer), Trojan programs, backdoor modules, network and postal worms, Trojanspy, TrojandownLoader, Trojandropper. In essence, AVZ is an analogue of the popular Ad-Aware program (naturally, with its own features). Additional options include heuristic system checks, built-in Rootkit detection system, WinSOCK SPI / LSP analyzer settings, Built-in Process Manager, Services and Drivers, TCP / UDP Open Port Analyzer, keyboard spyware (Keylogger) and Trojan DLL, working without using signatures (an original neuromemologist is used, which allows you to study suspicious files with neural network). Help for working with the program

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