[1.22 GB]VA – New Year disco Studio Planet [7 albums] (1995-2012) MP3

VA - New Year disco Studio Planet [7 albums] (1995-2012) MP3

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Title: New Year’s disco Studio Planet [7 albums]
Artist: VA
Years: 1995-2012
Genre: Dance
Country: RF
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It all started in 1992, when not a well-known cooperative \”Corvette Capital\” from Yekaterinburg, on the eve of New Year holidays, decided to collect together all the most significant songs of the outgoing year. Thus, the first compilation was released, which was initially intended only for the \”convenience\” of sales, so that in the sound recording kiosk it was necessary to change the cassettes in the tape recorder, attracting buyers with a variety of hits. That. All the best and most popular hits of that year were played by the time, with the same cassette, one by one, the films were not necessary to change. It was assumed that people would buy a separate cassette of the artist heard at this time of the song, but everyone began to ask them to sell them a collection. The billed compilation turned out to be sides, popular for New Year holidays. The results were forced to think about creative DJs of this youth studio on the release of a new collection to the completion of the next year. And the next. So there was a kind tradition. Since then, 20 years have passed … From about the late 90s, the collection comes under the brand \”Studio Planet\”. Each collection is notable and characterized by a unique ultra-gemix a la \”DJEYMIX\”, i.e. All songs throughout the collection mixed one to another does not break the bit and rhythm, which makes you dance without stopping, as well as the \”radio authors\” at that time, in which the processed mechanical voice announced performers and their nominations.
Already later, there were 3 nominations that were designed to identify the types of hits for people: the best album of the year was determined, the best hit of the year and the best opening of the year (that is, some kind of unexpected, new, unusual and mental artist). Later, from about 2000s, one more thing was added to the nominations: an exclusive year. The nomination was preserved and determines \”Hit, which most of all liked the beautiful half of humanity in the outgoing year\” (according to the DJs themselves on the assembly of the Planet Millennium).
Other unique class collections of this studio appeared over time (Maxi-Dance, Lsdance, SW Dance, American Discotec, Dance-Mix, etc.), but we will not talk about them today, because we are talking about \”Queen Bala\” – \” New Year’s disco \”! Many have grown, many children grow, but many still every year by December are waiting for \”visit\” now, I will not be afraid of this word, this chief collection of the country, which then, as a rule, is listening throughout the year in Lee, in Machine …
Of course, in 20 years, the personnel composition of the compilation authors was most likely changed, because The jingles inserts changed several times, and the repertoire itself became more tolerant and diverse every year. Only one thing remains unchanged: a unique dance selection, intrigue (who will be the best hit of the next year), the mood of the festive annealing and only the most spiritual.
The collection has long been converted by the usual entertaining \”dance\” of a narrow circle of people and turned into a certain \”cult\” event for music lovers of all ages and generations of the multi-million audience of our country and even neighboring countries.
Here you will not hear bilanov. Here are only spiritual hits, those rare audipers that \”cling\”. And these truly talented pearls each year find us no less talented authors of this collection.
Since the last time the music and arrangements become hard, filled with sharp implanted sounds, ugly and alien hearts of a music lovers, sound-engineers cut out ugly pieces, and sometimes even insert their sounds to enjoy the style of songs. In a word, judging by the sound and editing of the tracks, a colossal work is done, requiring great time, care, professionalism and high quality! For no one who is not known for talents every year on the New Year to our holiday holiday, a holiday with a capital letter, because many ordinary people are already simply not thinking of New Year holidays without a traditional intriguing collection, the chief collection of the year – the New Year’s disco Studio Planet!
Your attention is presented to your attention Seven such collections in mp3 format.

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