[9.19 GB] La Belle Américaine (1961) BDRip 720p from MSLTEL | D, P

 La Belle Américaine (1961) BDRip 720p from MSLTEL | D, P

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Title: Beautiful American
Original title: La Belle Américaine
Country: France
Genre: Comedy
Year of release: 1961
Duration: 01:39:42
Translation: Dubbed, professional multi-voiced (ort) Subtitles:
No Director:
Robert Deri, Pierre Black Actors:
Alfred Adam, Number of thrown, Robert Burne, Pierre Duck, Eliana d’Almeida, Bernard Déran, Robert Deri, Annie Duko, Jacques Fabbri, Louis De Füne Description:
Active Flight Perignon, Marseille’s Wife, Worker Metallurgist , dreaming of buying a neighbor motorcycle, sees an advertisement for the sale of american car in the newspaper. The hostess of almost new car asks for her no more than the cost of the old motorcycle, and Marseille makes a deal. Here it is a common one! However, from this point in the life of a modest proletarian, a black strip begins – he is fired from the plant; He loses the competition for the best car; Accidentally a poor fellow almost a day is locked in the trunk of his Cadillac. Then Marseille generally loses the car and falls into the police station. Even get rid of the fashionable car without shocks, it fails – the flight that drives out the car, crashes into the trolley for the sale of ice cream. In the end, Marcel arranges ice cream trading directly with the non-working machine …
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