[7.66 GB] Harold and Maude (1971) BDRip 720p from MSLTEL | A

 Harold and Maude (1971) BDRip 720p from MSLTEL | A

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Name: Harold and mod
Original title: HAROLD AND MAUDE
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, melodrama, comedy
Year of release: 1971
Duration: 01:31:44
Translation : Author’s (Vladimir Korolev)
Subtitles: Russians (Helen Mirren; Gennady White), English
Director: Hal Ashby
Actors : Ruth Gordon, Bad Court, Vivian Picks, Syril Cusak, Charles Tyner, Ellen Gir, Eric Christmas, J. Wood, Judy Engls, Shari Summers
Description: Harold – Son Mrs. Chasene , rich woman who does not pay attention to him. Suffering from depression and lack of friends, he refers to carefully thought out, but ridiculous suicides that do not produce any impressions at the scattered mother. Fascinated by death and the whole E` by external attribute, Harold on the old hedgehog himself travels around the cemeteries around the town. At two funerals in a row, he meets the mod, an old woman who survived after the concentration camper and the fascinated life to the same extent that Harold was fascinated by death. Free Spirit, it is the direct opposite of solemn and important Harount. Nevertheless, they become best friends, and she instills the desire to live in him, straighten your wings, enjoy a brief stay on the ground. Time passes, they are together experiencing several funny and crazy adventures …
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AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps | Russian Audio 2:
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