[6.08 GB] Come to Daddy (2019) BDRip 720p from Hellywood | D, A

 Come to Daddy (2019) BDRip 720p from Hellywood | D, A

Size:6.08 GB

Year of release: 2019
Production: Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, USA
Genre: Thriller, comedy
Duration: 01:35:36
Translation: Dubbing [Custom], author (one-haired voice-over)
Subtitles: Russians (Forced, Full), English (Full + SDH)
Navigation by chapters: There is

Director: Ant Timpson
Cast: Elijah Wood, Stephen Machatti, Garfield Wilson, Madelena, Martin Donovan, Michael Smile, Simon Chin, she is a grauer, Ryan Bale, Raresh Dimifte, etc.

About the film: Having received a sudden invitation from the Father, whom he did not see 30 years, the infantile and sensitive man named Norwal comes to meet. The parent lives in an interesting house in the forest on the seashore, but despite the invitation, not very happy to see her son and drinks more and more and quit it. When Norval understands that the family reunification failed, and decides to leave, an unexpected event occurs.

Quality: BDRip 720p
Format: MKV
Video: AVC, 1280×534 (2.40: 1), 7190 kbps, 23,976 FPS Audio # 1:
48 KHz, E-AC3, 5.1, 768 Kbps | Dub Audio # 2:
48 KHz, AC3, 5.1, 384 Kbps | Badbajo Audio # 3:
48 KHz, E-AC3, 5.1, 768 Kbps | ENG



Dubbing collected from studio colors.

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