[31.12 GB]The game. Revenge [S02] (2014) HDTVRip 720p from MediaClub

The game. Revenge [S02] (2014) HDTVRip 720p from MediaClub

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Film information
Title: Game-2.Vranche
Released: 2014
Genre: Crime, Detective
Director: Oleg Galin, Ivan Schegolev
Cast: Pavel Barshak, Prokhor Dubravin, Evgeny Stychkin, Nikolai Kozak, Daria Darojnova, Spartak Svchenko, Pavel Basov, Alisa Korsak, Vladimir Kolida, Dmitry Blazhko, Igor Maslov (II), Maria Baeva, Roman Gregory, Anatoly Zavyalov, Mikhail Hmurov, Dmitry Oparichev, Denis Druzhinin
About the film: It took three years since the Colonel Pavel Belov and the desperate criminal Alexei Smolin collided in a deadly fight. Smolin is serving a life sentence, Belov changed the place of work and position, now he is the head of the security service of a large bank. He himself, his wife and daughter sleep well at night, not afraid of a sudden attack. But one day, Belov sees Smolina on the street and understands that nothing has not ended yet. How did the criminal manage to get free and will he take revenge his personal enemy and his family? But Belov does not even represent, with what truly terrible people he will have to fight. Compared to them, Smolin will be smaller of evil.
Country: Russia, TV company DIXI TV
Duration: 20 x ~ 00:46:00 Translation:
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