[3.37 GB] Il Corsaro Nero (1976) BDRip-AVC from MSLTEL | P

 Il Corsaro Nero (1976) BDRip-AVC from MSLTEL | P

Size:3.37 GB

Title: Black Corsair
Original title: IL Corsaro Nero
Country: ITALY
Genre: Action, adventure
Year of release: 1976
Duration: 02:03:01
Translation: Professional multi-voiced (with inserts of Sergey Kozlov)
Subtitles: No
Director: Sergio Solima
Actors: Kabir Bedi, Karol Andre , Mel Ferrer, Angelo Infanti, Sonya Giannin, Salvatore Borghese, Franco Fantasy, Edoardo File, Jackie Beishart, Nikolo Piccolomini
Description: The film is based on the two Romans Emilio Salgarari \”Black Corsair\” and \”Coribar Queen\” seas\”. The action takes place in the Caribbean during the golden century piracy. The main character is a man named Emilio Rokkanener, known as the \”Black Corsair\” or \”Lord of Ventils\”, is trying to take revenge on the governor of Maracaybo Duke Van Gulda for the dead brothers. To this end, it is combined with several well-known pirates of that time, including Francois Olon and Henry Morgan, swearing not to calm down until it makes his retribution …
Quality: BDRip-AVC
Format: MKV
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 1024×426, 3534 Kbps, 23.976 FPS Audio 1:
AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps | Russian Audio 2:
AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps | Italian chapters / chapeters

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