[3.08 GB] Il Mulino Delle Donne Di Pietra (1960) BDRip-AVC from MSLTEL | L1

 Il Mulino Delle Donne Di Pietra (1960) BDRip-AVC from MSLTEL | L1

Size:3.08 GB

Title: Mill of stone women
Original title: Il Mulino Delle Donne Di Pietra
Country: France, Italy
Genre: Fantasy, horrors
Year of release: 1960
Duration: 01:35:36
Translation: Amateur single-haired (STALK)
Subtitles: Russian, English (2 options)
Director: Georgio Ferronies
Actors : Pierre Brice, Silla Gabel, Wolfgang Prisss, Dani Carrel, Herbert A.E. Boe, Liana Orpheus, Marco Guliel, Olga Solbelli, Alberto Archetti
Description: Hans arrives in a small town near Amsterdam to write an article about the famous sculptor who lives on an island in the old former mill, which is local Residents call the mill of stone women. Hans meets the charming daughter of Professor Elfi and begins to experience passion for her. Soon, Hans begins to suspect that the experiments of the Professor Vale and his assistant doctor of the Doctor are very dubious. The journalist will find out that local girls have been disappeared in the city for many years …
Quality: BDRip-AVC
Format: MKV
Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 956×576, 4040 Kbps, 23.976 FPS Audio 1:
AC3, 1 CH, 192 Kbps | Russian Audio 2:
AC3, 1 CH, 192 Kbps | Italian Audio 3:
AC3, 1 CH, 192 Kbps | English Subtitles 1:
Russian (SRT) Subtitles 2:
English (SRT) Subtitles 3:
English (SRT) chapters / chapeters

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