[21.95 GB] Les Quatre Charlots Mousquetaires + à No Quatre Cardinal! (1974) Web-DL 1080p | D, P2

 Les Quatre Charlots Mousquetaires + à No Quatre Cardinal! (1974) Web-DL 1080p | D, P2

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Film Information
Title: Four Musketeers Charllo + Four vs Cardinal
Original title: Les Quatre Charlots Mousquetaires + À Nous Quatre Cardinal!
Year of release: 1974
Jean p: comedy, adventure
Director: Andre UNEBEL
Cast: Gerard Rinaldi, Gerard Filiphellley, Jean Sarry, Jean-Guy Fixer, Josephin Chaplin, Daniel Sekkaldi, Paul Presta, Bernard Haller, Karin Petersen, Katrin Jourdan, Jacques Ceiler, Jean Wallmont, Ivan Tangi, Zhib Grossak, Bernard Meneve, George Mansar, Robert Favar, Jacques Murger, Andre Gallard, Igor De Savitch, Teddi Vrigno, Max Montavon, Jacques Dynam, Bernard Musion, Geus Duking, Georges Lewis, Dominic Zardi, Henri Attal, Michel Tomas, Philip Castelli , Andre Baden, Jerry Browver, Tom Clark, Serge Berry, Michelle Duple, Andre Duma, Paul Mercy
Description: The film of French Director Andre UNEBELL, released in 1974, was removed based on the historical adventure ro Mana Alexandra Duma-Father \”Three Musketeer\”. The comedy claims the most funny of all the created versions and is equated by the Russian spectator to the comedians of L.I. Hydai. Heroes \”Four against Cardinal\” are not glorious Musketeers, and their brave servants: the topist, grimel, bansen and musketton. So trembling Guardsmen Cardinal Richelieu, when a comedian group Charlot goes into battle
Country: France
Studio: Les Films Christian Fechner, Renn Productions Duration:
01:52:43 + 01:39:16 Translation:
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