[2.18 GB] Hors-La-Loi (2010) BDRip-AVC | L

 Hors-La-Loi (2010) BDRip-AVC | L

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Name: Outside the law
Original title: HORS-LA-LOI
Released: 2010
Genre: Drama, crime
Director: Rashid Bususharek
Cast: Jamel Debbuz, Roshdi Zem, Major, Chafia Boudraa , Bernard Blancan, Sabrina Selek, Assaad Bouab, Tibo de Montalembers
About the film:
Fate lifts the mother and three brothers from the native Algerian land. Messaoud goes to fight in Indochina. Abdelcaster becomes at the head of the movement for the liberation of Algeria in Paris, and Said makes himself a fortune in slums and boxing clubs in the Pigal area. Their fate, bonded by maternal love, intertwined with the fate of the people leading the struggle for freedom.
Country: France, Algeria, Belgium
Duration: 02:18:31
Translation: Amateur two-haired
Format: MKV
codec: H.264 Quality:
BDRip-AVC Video:
1140×464, 23.97 FPS, 1486 KBPS, 0.117 BIT / PIXEL Audio 1:
48 KHz, AC3 Dolby Digital , 5 CH, 384 KBPS (RUS) Audio 2:
48 KHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 5 CH, 384 KBPS (FRA)

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