[2.17 GB] LE BOULET (2002) DVDRip-AVC | D

 LE BOULET (2002) DVDRip-AVC | D

Size:2.17 GB

Film Information
Title : Four-wheel drive
Original title : Le Boulet
Released : 2002
Genre : Comedy, Action, Adventure
Director : Alain Berberian, Frederick Fortesta
Cast : Gerard Lanven, Benouua Pulvord, José Garcia, Jimon Hunsu, Rossi de Palma, Gerard Darmon, Jean Bengigi
About the film : Moltez concluded, on nicknamed Ace, – avid player. With the help of a prison guard named Regjo, he secretly participates in all circulations of the popular lottery. And once the ace is fantastically lucky – a winnings of $ 15 million falls on his ticket! That’s just getting this kush – a big problem! His `partner` Reggly starts in running, taking a happy ticket with him. In the pursuit of their blood sheets of Tuzu to be taken from prison, get to Africa and even take part in the famous Paris-Dakar race – with a partner-nerd in the cockpit, police and gangster gangs on the tail …

Country : France, United Kingdom
Duration : 01:43:56
Translation : Professional (full duplication)
Subtitles : Russian File
Format : mkv
Quality : DVDRip-AVC [DVD9 – License from CP Digital]
Video : 768×324 at 23.976 FPS, [Email \u0026 # 160; Protected], ~ 2090 Kbps,
Audio No. 1 : AC3, 6 CH, 448 kbps – RUS
Audio No. 2 : AC3, 6 CH, 448 Kbps – FRE
*** Release from: – \u003d Domino \u003d –

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