[13.91 GB] SLEEP NO MORE (2017) BDREMUX 1080p | P

 SLEEP NO MORE (2017) BDREMUX 1080p | P

Size:13.91 GB

Genre : horrors
Year of release : 2017
Director : Phillip Guzman / Phillip Guzman
Cast : Kels Price, Brian Grant, Stephen Ellis, Christine Dwyer, Yasmin Aker, Lucas Gage, James Hoar, Mona Lee Fulz, Emily Hart, Brad Maule
Description :
1980s. A group of medical school students conducts research on the body of a long deprivation of sleep in order to rid humanity from the need to spend a third of life for sleep. After the experimental object commits suicide, their department is closed. But the brave researchers of the Dark Parties are not stopping – friends decide to put experiences on themselves. In order not to sleep 200 hours, they use an experimental substance, and soon discover that something sinner is sinking to each of them.
Country : USA
Duration : 01:31:01
Translation : Professional (multi-voiced voice-over) HDRezka Studio
Subtitles : English, Spanish
Original audio track : English
Release type : BDREMUX 1080p
Container : MKV Video
: MPEG-2, 1080p, 1920: 1080 (16: 9), 17887 Kbps, 23.976 FPS Audio 1
: AC3, 6 CH, 48 KHz, 448 Kbps, 16 Bits Russian MVO HDRezka Studio Audio 2
: DTS-HD MA, 6 CH, 48 KHz, 3547 KBPS, 24-bit (DTS Core 6 CH, 48 KHz, 1509 kbps, 24-bit) English Subtitle format

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