[926 MB]DYSMANTLE [V] (2021) PC | Repack from Pioneer

DYSMANTLE [V] (2021) PC | Repack from Pioneer

Size:926 MB

DYSMANTLE Genre: Action, Indie, Adventures, RPG, Simulator
Release date: 2021
Developer / Publisher: 10Tons Ltd
Interface Language: Russian, English (Multi5)
Voice Language: English. Publication Type:
Repack Tablet:
Not required.
☑ Operating system: Vista (x64) + ☑ Processor:
2.0 GHz or Faster ☑ RAM:
2 GB RAM ☑ Graphic accelerator:
with support for Shader Model 3.0 ☑ Free place on HDD:
1.3 GB
DYSMANTLE – an adventure game developed in an action-RPG genre with survival elements in hazardous environmental conditions. The main character will be in the world who is experiencing the consequences of the apocalypse, to solve the secrets that he in itself hides and try to save the survivor of the population from the constant attacks of monsters in the form of zombies. There are no few obstacles and dangers in front of you, so you should always be on a check. It will not hide and without the fight against the enemies, which will not mind will not be so simple. It was for this that a combat system was perfectly thought out in the game, which includes not only dynamic battles, but also a rich weapon arsenal, both cold and firearms. Special attention should be paid to intelligence, because surrounding locations contain no little useful and interesting. Get the valuable resources and useful items, creatures of traps for our victims, come across theft to ensure themselves with everything necessary, in general, do our best to survive. Take care of the arrangement of your own dwelling, which should be the most inconspicuous and safe in the event of a zombie attack.

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