[43.66 GB]LOST ARK [26.10.21] (2019) PC | Online-only

LOST ARK [26.10.21] (2019) PC | Online-only

Size:43.66 GB

Year of release: 2019
Genre : Action, MMORPG, Adventure, Isometric
Developer: Smilegate RPG
Publisher in Russia: Mail RU
Version: dated 26.10.21
Type of publication: License Interface Language:
Russian Voice Language:
Russian Tablet:
Not required System Requirements
: Operating system: Win 7, 8, 10 Processor: Intel i5 6500 / Ryzen 5 1500x or better;
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 660 / RADEON R9 270 or better;
On the expanses of Akresy, many adventures and dangers are waiting for you: get ready for impressive battles and complex tests. Study the world yourself or work in a team – to decide on you, in Lost Ark every hero has the opportunity to show your abilities! Huge World of Lost Ark
Travel around the world, whose beauty is striking imagination! You are waiting for exciting tasks and an exciting plot. Comerate secret missions, explore the seas and picturesque islands! PVP modes
Fight other players in exciting PVP battles! Prove that it is you deserve to become the strongest soldier of the arena. Brave heroes are waiting for a variety of PVP modes and hides! PVE modes
PVE lovers will have to conquer the expanses of the game world, explore the confused dungeons and penetrate the chaos faults. Fight the legions of the demons, defeat the formidable bosses, challenge the powerful keepers! The winners will get treasures and the mysters of the world of Lost Ark will open. Study of the islands
Travel lovers will be able to explore a variety of islands: with their own history, adventures, as well as unique monsters, the fight with which will be remembered for a long time! Open Sea
Hunting with harpoon on fish, catching networks, diving, lift from the bottom of chests with values, study of fragments of sunken vessels, marine treasure cards, battle with the crew of the ghost ship – all this awaits conquerors Depths!
Treasure search
During traveling around Akrasia, each hero can smile good luck: there is a chance to take possession of the map of the ancient treasures! Find the entrance to the secret dungeon is not easy, however, friends will always be able to help you. In the caches you will be expected to wait chests with unknown wealth and, possibly, bloodthirsty demons!
For all RPG fans
Inalienable elements of traditional Action-RPG and unique features sprawled in the affected imagination of the world to give you Best MMO Adventure!
Installing and starting the game
– Start EXE. File
– Set following instructions, for example, C: / LOSTARK folder
– Create an account
– start the game, and when you first start the game, specify the location of the distribution in the GameCenter folder , then the path will be
C: / LOSTARK / GameCenter
– after checking integrity The game will be ready !!! Important: The storage path of the game distribution must be necessarily in the
Lostark / GameCenter
folder otherwise the game will not be checked and will need to be installed again.

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