[15.2 GB]League of Legends [12.1.414.6260] (2009) PC | Online-only

League of Legends [12.1.414.6260] (2009) PC | Online-only

Size:15.2 GB

Year of release : 2017
Genre : Action, MMORPG, MOBA
Developer : Riot Games
Publisher : Riot Games
Version : 12.1.414.6260 [Public]
Type of publication : License
Interface Language : Russian
Voice Language : Russian
Tablet : Not required
System requirements
Operating system : Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
Processor : 2 GHz and Above
Video Card : Video Card with support for Shaders 2.0 and DirectX V9.0C and higher
Memory : 2 GB
Hard disk : 15 GB Description
League of Legends – Dynamic Competitive Network game, combining the speed and depth of real-time strategies with role-playing elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each of which has a unique appearance and style of the game, fight on a variety of arena and in different gaming modes. Constantly growing list of champions, regular updates, world-class championships – all this League of Legends!
Face afternoon – To crush enemies in small skimming and in large-scale battles of 5 on 5 players, you will need strategic thinking, lightning reflexes and team game skills;
Develop a strategy, develop – in This game limits you only your own fantasy !;
Compete, as you like – the technologies of selection of players in League of Legends will always be able to offer you suitable rivals – it does not matter whether you are played against bots or have already started climbing league tops ;
Fight with honor – and you will receive a special award from the comrades for behavior worthy of a real athlete;
Log in to the world of Esports – the game takes many world tournaments, including the prestigious championship with millions of prizes ;
Join the world’s largest game community: Create friends, collect teams, fight tens of millions of rivals around the world!

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