[13.49 GB]Uboat [V B131 | Early Access] (2019) PC | License

Uboat [V B131 | Early Access] (2019) PC | License

Size:13.49 GB

Year of release : 2019
Genre : Simulation, 3D, Strategy
Developer : Deep Water Studio
Publisher : Playway SA
Type of publication : License (THX RGGOGFAN)
Version : B131 | Early Access
Interface Language : Russian, Angali, Multi
Voice Language : English, German
Medicine : Not required {DRM- Free}
System Requirements :
Operating System : Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Processor : Core i3 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II x3 2.8 GHz
RAM : 6 GB
Video card : GeForce GTX 560 1GB (720p LOW), GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB (1080p Low) OR AMD EQUIVALENTS
Free space on the hard disk : 30GB
Description : Uboat is a simulator Submarine period of World War II, but it is unlike other similar games. The basis of its mechanics is the micromemage and survival in the open world, and the main topic is the life of German submariners. Submarine – their home capable of turning into a fraternal grave for any second. In UBoat, you manage primarily the team, and then the boat. Watch out for the physical and mental health of your sailors. If they are hungry, tired and demoralized, you are doomed to defeat.
Features :
The basis of survival mechanics in this game is a complex and worked damage system. Unpredictable situations that it can cause will be a test of your resourcefulness and composure. You can try to save the whole team or sacrifice someone one for the sake of survival of many. In the open sea, you rarely can count on the help from the side. Improve your commander skills, effectively distributing available resources. In emergency cases, you can replenish their reserve by contacting the allies … or searching for the wreckage of a swapped enemy ship.
The selfless execution of combat missions is rewarded with an increase in your budget and an increase in the authority in the underwater fleet. Both will need to improve the submarine to keep up with the enemy in the technological race.
An extremely realistic submarine model, created in our game, does not affect its availability. You can play Uboat as an ordinary game, gradually studying numerous subtleties, helping to better command submarines. At the same time, we reliably reproduce even such nuances as the curvature of the surface of the Earth’s surface and the impact of the distribution of ballast on compartments on the boat differentiation. Perfections can be achieved by different paths. On the one hand, you can disclose your commander talents, quickly and effectively distributing all the work between subordinate officers. On the other hand, you always have the opportunity to deal with your hands. Look in the periscope, listen to the signals on the hydroacoustic post and reflect the raids of enemy aviation, driving an anti-aircraft gun!

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