[111.98 GB]Watch Dogs: Legion [V 1.5.6] (2020) PC | UPLAY-RIP

Watch Dogs: Legion [V 1.5.6] (2020) PC | UPLAY-RIP

Size:111.98 GB

Year of release : October 29, 2020
Genre : Open World, Hacking, Action, Stealth
Developer : Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher : Ubisoft
Platform : PC
Type of publication : UPLAY-RIP (THX INSANEMZES)
Version : 1.5.6
Interface Language : Russian, English, Multi *
Voice Language : Russian, English, Multi * Medicine
: Present {Empress} * Changes in the game settings
System Requirements
OS : Windows 10 (x64)
Processor : Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
RAM : 4 GB RAM Video Card
: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD RADEON R9 290X Place on the disk
: 61.6 GB (~ 56 Gb with one voice acting) Description : residents of London suffer from the arbitrariness of the authorities, and it is you who must organize resistance to return the city to normal Life. You can recruit any citizen.
At your disposal – many potential allies and access to urban infrastructure. You have to hack techniques, penetrate the classified objects and fight to help residents of London. Welcome to resistance. Game features
Play for anyone. Each resident of London can be part of the resistance, be it an agent Mi-6, a harsh participant in battle without rules, a brilliant hacker, a driver with a criminal past, a football hooligan or even an inconspicuous old woman. Each character has its own history, character and set of skills applicable in a variety of situations. Anyone can join your team. You yourself determine the style of the game. Create a team, caught by its characters with unique abilities from an extensive list. Neutralize and eliminate the enemies, acting on behalf of the police officer, manage bees-drones, playing for an agent-beekeeper, or pursue opponents on a superspilation of a superpion with a masking device and built-in weapons. Ensure your legion with powerful devices, unique costumes and recognizable masks.
exciting plot. A series of devastating terrorist attacks occurred in London. It is not known who is behind it, but the preparation accused DedSec – a secret organization that was now on the verge of destruction. They need your help. Your task is to restore DedSec and give a rebuff to those who are trying to save in the city of despotic orders. Not all opponents will be easy to calculate, but you definitely have to challenge the Nigel Cassu – the Edaku \”Big Brother\”, the head of the sales military company Albion. This is a brilliant sociopath, which adheres to very specific methods for ensuring security, often involving the destruction of the Londonians themselves. You will also meet Mary Kelly – the head of the criminal clan, which united all the gangs in the city. And she needs to get rid of you to continue to engage in your profitable business species, for example, slave trade. Throughout history, you will meet colorful characters – both enemies and allies.
Hacking – Your Weapon . Make London’s infrastructure with your weapon and use DedSec technological capabilities for all power. Separate armed combat drones, pierce through the most advanced security systems and reconstruct the events of the past with the help of augmented reality, to find out who is standing for terrorist attacks. Improve and use gadgets: cape, ensuring invisibility, bot-spider, pocket rocket installation and powerful electric shock – a novelty to maintain a melee.
Free London’s open world. Fight London’s liberation and explore the huge city in the open world, including many sights: Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Square and Ferris Wheel London Eye. You will be able to take a break between the plot tasks, having participating in the battles without rules or taking a football freestyle, throwing darts, illegal transportation and Street art.

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