[700 MB] Der Sieg Des Glaubens (1933) DVDRip | P

 Der Sieg Des Glaubens (1933) DVDRip | P

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Name: Victory of Faith
Original title: Der Sieg Des Glaubens
Country: Germany
Year of release: 1933
Genre: Documentary, Historical, Military
Director: Lazy Riephental
Cast: Josef Goebbels, Herman Geering, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler, Robert Le Lee, Ernst Ram
\”Victory Faith\” – Full-length Women’s Film -Chinorizer Lazy Riephental, who was previously considered more than seven years old, now again became available for the audience. The tape is devoted to the celebrations held at the congress of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany in Nuremberg in 1933. The film released in early 1934 was taken with enthusiasm \”to armared by members of the Nazi party as a simple and at the same time convincing propaganda of the tape to represent his ideas of the German people. However, later, in the same year, Hitler spent a bloody cleaning in the ranks of his\” The old comrades, \”one of the first in their list was Ernst Rem – the head of the units of attack aircraft, one of the key figures of the Ca at the congress of 1933,\” managed \”to capture in this film Reefenshtal. Two Furrers can not be. Mostly due to the participation of Rem, so Suddenly endowed, thousands of copies of the Victory Faith were urgently withdrawn from film distribution and destroyed, all references to the Remese thoroughly erased from the public and political life of the Germans. For a long time it was believed that no copy was preserved, and the film became another lost part of the story Third Reich. But in 2003, in England, unexpectedly discovered the surviving unknown copy, most likely the full version of the film, all of these year In the archive stored in the archive – in early 1934, Riephental attended England and could well bring an instance of the film. The \”victory of faith\” may well represent much more interest as a rare film that fills the existing gap in our knowledge about the period of the formation of the Third Reich. The film can be interesting for fans of the creativity of Lie Reefenstal, and those who are interested in the history of world documentary cinema and political world history.
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