[399 MB] Pieniny (2021) WEBRIP 2160P

 Pieniny (2021) WEBRIP 2160P

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Information about the film
Name: Pienna
Original: Pieniny
Released: 2021
Genre: species
Director: MichaƂ
About the film:
Pieninam, which is A small mountain range, stretching in the territory of two neighboring countries (Slovakia and Poland), is hard to compete in greatness with their \”neighbor\” – tatras. But this Northern \”Spray\” of the Carpathian Mountains has its own nonsense charm, sitting here many tourists from all over the continent. Here, on the territory of both states, the same name of the picturesque River Duner is formed by the same name of environmental zones, designed to protect the natural manifold and the mountains themselves, and the valleys of the river, according to which, besides the line of the state border of the two countries.
Country: Poland
Duration: 00:03:35
Translation: Not required File
codec: VP9 Quality:
WEBRIP 2160P Video:
3840×2160, 15.4 Mbps, 30 frame / s Sound:
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