[3.33 GB] Olympia – Fest Der Völker (1938) DVDRip | A

 Olympia - Fest Der Völker (1938) DVDRip | A

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Title: Olympia
Original title: Olympia – Fest Der Völker
Country: Germany
Year of release: 1938
Genre: Documentary, Historical, Sport
Director: Lazy Riephental
Cast: David Olbrutton, ARVo Ascola, Jack Beresford, Erwin Blask, Promul Berlund, Iboy Chuck, Henry de Baillet-latur, Philip Edwards, Donald Finlay, Tilly Fleisher, Wilhelm Fric, Joseph Goebbels, German Gering, Karl Hein, Rudolph Hess, Adolf Hitler, Umberto II
The history of the Olympiad from Antiquity until 1936 from Leno Riephental. Sport as a means of forming a human body whose beauty is an integral part of the general beauty of nature. Director and operators were provided for filming all sorts of money: underwater chambers, airships, balloons, etc. We can observe the competition of the best athletes of the world. Cameras fix all the little things and nuances, whether the excitement of athletes before the start, the announcement of the public or tears of happiness on the pedestal. It is difficult to say what kind of task the director solved: forever capture an important event for Germany, to show the greatness of the Aryan race, to experience new film equipment. Riephental managed to create a film whose value comes far beyond the above aspirations. Playing according to the rules of documentary, she was able to see those dimensions in reality, which were only subject to the film artistic. Reefenshtal first showed the presence of truly Shakespeare Passions in such, at first glance, calm and measured sports disciplines as dropping disk, fencing, jumping from a springboard. Fixing reality, she managed to reach human feelings and emotions.
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