[3.24 GB] Mushoku Tensei: ISEKAI ITTARA HONKI DASU [S02] (2021) WEBRip | D

 Mushoku Tensei: ISEKAI ITTARA HONKI DASU [S02] (2021) WEBRip | D

Size:3.24 GB

Information about the film
Title: Reincarnation of the unemployed: the story about the adventures in another world
Original title: Mushoku Tensei: ISEKAI ITTARA Honki Dasu (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation)
Year of release: 2021
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, animated series
Released: Japan , Bind
director: Manaba Okamoto
Cast: Yumi Ulya, Konomie Kojara, Ai Kakuma, Ai Kajaano, Tosyyuki Morikawa, Hisako Canhemoto, Lynn, Dysuke Namikava
About the film: \”In this new world, I will take the head!\” Meet: a virgin, the recluse and the unemployed 34 years old. On the day of the funeral of the parents, he is expelled from the house, and a little later he dies under the wheels of the truck. It would seem that the end of this fairy tale … But no! It turns out to be in the body of the baby in another, fantasy world. The garbage, whose life was not worth the broken penny, reborn as Rudyus Greirat. Now it certainly will not allow himself to ride the bottom! Ahead of the young grayrata is waiting for a meeting with an eternally young sorcerer, a beautiful elf, a fierce noble girl and many other, various creatures. Well, where without exciting adventures? The former replacement begins the book of his life from a clean leaf! © Wakanim
Duration: 12 x ~ 00:24:00
Translation: Professional Duplicated | Studioband [Wakanim] File
Quality: WEBRIP
Video: XVID, ~ 1531 Kbps, 704×396
Audio: Russian, Japanese (AC3, 2 CH, 192 Kbps) Subtitles:
Russians (SoftSab) *** Release / author Ripa:\u003e buka63

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