[27.6 GB] YU-GI-OH! Duel Monsters GX [01-135 of 180] (2004) DVDRip-AVC | Animaunt

 YU-GI-OH! Duel Monsters GX [01-135 of 180] (2004) DVDRip-AVC | Animaunt

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Film Information
Title: Yugio! Duel Monsters! New generation
Original title: YU-GI-OH! Duel Monsters GX
Released: 2004
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Tsuji Hatsuki
Country: Japan
Studio: Studio Gallop
Duration: ~ 00: 24: 00 Series
Description: A new story in the universe anime and manga \”Yugio!\”. Duel Academy is one of the most prestigious academies for duelists around the world. The story unfolds around Yuki Judah, who decided to become a student of the Academy. Having passed the entrance exam, he falls into the \”Red Osiris\”, one of the three hostels, where he gets to Marufuji sho and meets his future of the main opponent from the \”blue obelisk\” Manjuma Juna. Can Djudey achieve incredible success in dueling and become a new king of dueling?
Amateur (one-haired voice-over): Mustadio File
.mkv Quality: DVDRip-AVC
Video: 8 Bit, H264, 640×480, ~ 1039 Kbps, 23.976 FPS
Audio RUS : AAC , ~ 192 kbps, 48 \u200b\u200bkHz, 2 ch (in the container)
Audio JAP : AAC, ~ 96 kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 CH
Subtitles : Ass Built-in | Full translation

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